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RAO Raises Collection Rates Due to Debt to the Pension Fund – News Pravo.RU

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

RAO Raises Collection Rates Due to Debt to the Pension Fund – News Pravo.RU

According to Vedomosti, in September the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) increased the rates of royalties from royalties. Fees from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for the performance of works on the air of TV channels, radio stations and on the Internet increased by 7 percentage points. 27%, and for public performance – by 4 p. 34%. Deductions from individual copyright holders are made at a flat rate of 35%, not 20% for broadcast and 30% for public performance, as before. In addition, individuals, organizations and individual entrepreneurs must transfer another 3% to the Fund for Support of Copyright Holders at RAO. The reason for the increase in rates is the need to fulfill the requirement to pay contributions to compulsory health insurance for individual copyright holders, as well as to form a reserve to pay off six-year debt to the Pension Fund (PFR). Collective management societies are required to pay premiums since 2012. RAO has been in litigation with the FIU since 2016, insisting that it does not act as the employer of the authors, but performs intermediary functions, but has lost all the processes. In 2018, 225 million rubles were forcibly debited from the company’s accounts. for 2013-2015. In August 2019, the FIU demanded another 176 million rubles. for 2016. Without raising rates for all authors, and not only for individuals, it will not be possible to pay off the debt, explains Maxim Dmitriev, the chairman of the board of RAO. Increased rates for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will be valid for three years. In the future, RAO plans to keep the maximum possible amount from individuals – 45% of the collected remuneration.

This is due to the desire to bring the curriculum in line with the new state educational standards, thereby ensuring a high quality of education. Involvement of schoolchildren in systematic physical education and sports is one of the priority tasks today. The correct mode of physical activity of a child will be the key to a healthy lifestyle for an adult individual. In addition, physical education has a significant impact on the formation of moral and volitional qualities of a developing personality, instilling in her the skills of hard work, perseverance, organization and discipline. If before the introduction of state standards of a new generation, the school program in physical culture was mainly focused on the intensive development of the physical qualities of students, today the main goal is to form the independence and activity of children in organizing their sports leisure and conducting regular physical culture lessons. However, the upbringing of a person’s physical culture is impossible without maintaining the interest of schoolchildren in classes in this discipline. Football is one of the most popular sports among children and adolescents. Therefore, many modern specialists in the field of physical culture recommend its use as a means of physical development of schoolchildren.

State educational standards for physical education contain materials for teaching popular sports games, including football. However, in practice, teachers often face problems when implementing established recommendations. For example, coaches point out the lack of time for mastering football techniques and techniques during lesson training. Therefore, the study of the potential for the development of physical qualities of schoolchildren by means of football, as well as the development of effective methods, taking into account the age characteristics of students, remain relevant. At this time, the project “Together to Victory” is being actively implemented in our city, based on the program of Gribacheva M. A and Kruglykhina B.A. “An integrative course of physical education for primary school students based on football”, in which our school takes an active part. In my work, football has become a component of physical education lessons, entered as a full-fledged part of the curriculum of the academic subject. Now one of the priority areas of upbringing a healthy young generation is to involve them in regular physical education and sports through playing football. Purpose of the work: to study the process of development of physical education of schoolchildren by means of football. Formation of children’s interest in physical education with elements of football for further orientation to this sport.

3. Increasing the level of physical development and fitness of those involved. 4. Creating conditions for the development of the child’s personality. 5. Mastering the technique and tactics in football. 6. Development of motivation for playing football among schoolchildren. The playing activity of a football player is distinguished by high motor activity, which manifests itself in various forms of movement. Kruglykhin V.A. in the program “Integrative course of physical education” notes that: “Football is everyone’s favorite and accessible game for any age, for the organization and conduct of which, a minimum set of sports equipment and equipment is required. At the same time, football is a powerful means of agitation and promotion of physical culture and sports. Scientific studies of play activities emphasize its unique opportunities not only for physical, but also for the moral education of children, especially for the development of cognitive interests, the development of will and character, the formation of the ability to navigate in the surrounding reality, the upbringing of a sense of collectivism “. Playing football is an effective means of developing the physical qualities of children and adolescents and strengthening their health. The rapidly changing situation of the game, active struggle for the ball require not only great strength and endurance, but also the development of a wide variety of movements and technical and tactical actions.

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. In the process of teaching football, the work of the muscular apparatus, cardiovascular and nervous systems develops and improves. Soviet poet Mikhail Svetlov said that he could easily do without the necessary, but he could not live without the unnecessary. This maxim is partly applicable to the field of education, where, of course, it is necessary to maintain a minimum mandatory for everyone, but at the same time it is extremely important to create additional opportunities for personal development. Hence the relevance of various forms of additional education, which today is one of the Priority areas for the development of the educational system of the Russian Federation. The highlighted factors are proof that football is an effective means of physical and moral development of the emerging personality. This determines the expediency of using the elements of this sport in physical education lessons in the school system. The program of an integrative course in physical education for children of primary school age authors Kruglykhina V.A. Gribacheva M.A. recommended for implementation in Russian schools to solve the tasks set by the Government of Russia in the field of modernization of the physical education system for children, adolescents, youth and the development of sports. The content of the program is aimed at solving the main tasks of physical education and creating motivation in younger students for systematic sports.

Russia v France: All Match Goals. Who is guilty. Sport-Express

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Russia v France: All Match Goals. Who is guilty. Sport-Express

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. The first mistake of our team was that none of the three central midfielders met Paul Pogba in the middle line and did not try to rush the Frenchman with a decision. All three of our midfielders were located far from the opponent in the central circle and did not participate in any way in the game episode. According to the situation, Erokhin turned out to be the closest to Pogba, and it was he who, at the moment of opening the Field, could run after him and apply pressure. However, Alexander did not do this. As a result, Pogba got a few seconds, calmly took a few steps forward, looked at Mbappe’s maneuver and cut out a penetrating transmission. The defense line of the Russian national team was located high enough, therefore, in order to avoid a dangerous moment, it was necessary to interrupt the pass. The pomegranate lay in the slide, but did not reach the ball. This became the second mistake. And the third mistake was made by Neustädter, who, firstly, did not immediately react to Mbappe’s jerk, although he was facing the attacker and perfectly saw the moment of the start of his race, and, secondly, having already caught up with Kilian in the penalty area, he did not play tightly enough on the safety net and easily allowed himself to be beaten towards the center.

Lunev was caught in the opposite direction and could not help out. A free kick to own goal was brought by Erokhin, who, with a slow positional attack of the French, could not play cleanly in the selection against Pogba and openly grabbed the opponent with his hands. Further, the midfielder “MU” succeeded in an excellent dribbling blow from the “standard” to the very post. Lunev could have helped out if he had started moving earlier (after all, the blow was delivered from a fairly distant position), but the Zenit goalkeeper reacted too late and did not reach the ball. For the second time in the match of the Russian national team, an excellent flank attack was successful. If before the break, our team disturbed the French through the left edge through the efforts of Zhirkov and Dzagoev, now – through the right. In the attack, the Zabolotny factor affected – the tricolors did not have time to immediately rebuild and adapt to the fact that our team is now playing with two central strikers. Both of our forwards fought in the center circle for the ball with one Yumtiti. Hernandez moved towards the center in order to hedge, but at the same time the left flank of Didier Deschamps’ team remained completely free. Smolov won the top, made a discount to the center, and Erokhin quickly sent the ball into the exposed area to the right, where Smolnikov took a long stride. Igor succeeded in a timely and, most importantly, a sighted and accurate transfer to the goalkeeper’s line to Smolov. Fedor opened up great, ahead of two rivals and brought the ball into the goal from several meters. In the episode, Tolisso frankly flawed, to whom Koscielny showed with a gesture to urgently run to cover the Russian striker. Unfortunately, Neustädter once again demonstrated that he plays very poorly in the tackle – he was beaten in his own penalty area for the third time in a match. Mbappe freed himself from Roman’s tutelage with the help of an uncomplicated feint, shifted to the center and struck from an acute angle. Lunev also made a very gross mistake, having missed the ball under his arms between his legs.

The LEGO NinjaGo series takes you on a thrilling adventure filled with dragons and skeletons, brave ninjas and sinister sorcerers. From the elements of Lego Ninjago sets, according to the instructions, you can collect beautiful Japanese temples, battle arenas and everything you need for an exciting game. Exclusive minifigures, various unusual vehicles, a variety of combat weapons will make role-playing games more interesting and realistic. You just have to come up with a plot for them. All the characters in the game have excellent wrestling skills, which is called Spinjitzu. Ninja hone their skills at training bases, and then use them in the fight against fairy dragons and skeletons. The execution of Spinjitzu fighting techniques is made possible by the magnetic-spin mechanism, which is included with all warriors. The very first and main characters of this Lego series are a brave ninja four: fire Kai in red robes, lightning blue Jay, Cole land ninja in black and white ice warrior – Zane. They are taught Spinjitzu techniques and passed on their skills by the respected, wise and proud Sensei Wu. Take a guided tour of NINJAGO City, famous for its skyscrapers.

Visit the traditional fish market with other residents of the city. Talk on the phone, cross the bridge and take a boat ride. Take the elevator to Lloyd Garmadon and Misako’s magnificent apartment. Withdraw some cash from the ATM and go shopping at the clothing store and bookstore. Choose your lunch on the conveyor belt of the rooftop sushi bar and enjoy the stunning views. No matter what you do, you will never be bored in Ninjago City! The LEGO 2254 Mountain Crypt holds treasures. Skeletons are going to destroy the shrine with jewelry, which they use to accompany their loved ones who have gone to another world. The ninja must confront the skeletons and prevent the desecration of the crypt. The Combat Pack includes new weapons for Cole, in-game cards, Cole and Skeleton minifigures, and many accessories. LEGO 2260 schematic illustrates the build sequence of the Ice Dragon, in which the ninja Zane sets out in search of his ice throwing star, stolen by the skeleton. The dragon’s body is covered with thorns, and a powerful shooting cannon is hidden in the mouth. He will definitely find Crazy, freeze him with icy breath and the ninja will regain his weapon.

This is a technical miracle that can be assembled according to the LEGO 2263 instructions – Turbo Shredder. The vehicle that Evil Frakjo drives is a hybrid of a tank and an ATV. He tries to hide from the Ninja, who want to get to him and take the artifact – the golden Scythe of the Earth. The set includes three minifigurines. The LEGO 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo is a place where ninjas train and practice their martial arts skills under the guidance of experienced Wu Sensei. Includes many accessories and 3 minifigures. All LEGO Ninjago Movie 2018 sets: 70628 Lloyd – Spinjitzu Master 70629 Piranha Chase 70631 Garmadon’s . Chic LEGO Ninjago Homemade Crafts 2020 – The Great Devourer, Kai and Nya’s Workshop, Overlord, etc. Hey! Which homemade product you liked the most? VK group: https: // / . In this video, I made a homemade product, like in the original the destroyed top of the Borg Tower and the buildings of Ninjago City . Did it work out similar ? DIY with Shiro FANCLASTIC in this toy review I will show you the Chinese fake ningago prefabs .

Buy Clomid in USA: Kinesiological tapes: Take care of your Clomifene Citrate and do not stop exercising

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

But some leaders agree. I have Clomid pills right to judge strictly, but it seems to me that the coach Clomid pills receive more than 50. In order for both parties to be satisfied, competent organization in the club is initially necessary, Boris Mikhailenko believes.

  1. Symptoms of cancer The primary signs of cancer are associated with impaired well-being.
  2. The main part of L-carnitine we get from food, the rest is synthesized in our body.
  3. Is it necessary to periodically change anabolics in order to cleanse the receptors.
  4. A complication of mumps suffered in childhood is male infertility.

Interestingly, both drugs are trademarks of the same pharmacological agent known as Orlistat, which introduces some confusion.

Navy to conduct Clomifene Citrate with three US aircraft carriers | YONHAP PRESS AGENCY

An increase of 1 PM in effect is equivalent to performing several pull-ups. Constant repetitions and a steady increase in the load have a positive effect on the quality of performance, Clomid PCT on the endurance of the body mesterolone bodybuilding faq how can i proviron (and, accordingly, Clomid Fertility Drug duration of the training), and on success in the fight against lactic acid. Every day you can devote one of the proposed methods, while it is important to regularly change the grip.

Leg Press310-12301060 sec C2. Leg curl in the simulator 312-15301060 sec – for each side B1-B2, C1-C2 Buy Clomid in USA that the exercises are performed by the superset In the Temp column, you see 4 numbers.

Many trainers feel that if they conduct group classes and the are delighted with them, they are already superstars and they can do everything.

And some instructors build their classes, guided by the principle of circular training, i. alternating power and aerobic loads. In other words, first you ride the slide Buy Clomid in USA 5-7 minutes, and then do exercises for the abs and buttocks for 5 minutes.

Also, after pulling up with weights, the ligaments on the inner side of the elbow bend often hurt 3) 5 days ago I started drinking methane anabol dispenser 30mg per day dividing into 3 doses and at 4 days, that is, yesterday I started to feel wild in my hands – it intensifies and intensifies, and during training Buy Clomid in USA become simply intolerant. the pain is not muscle (its easy to distinguish it) but somewhere inside the arm – its as if the bones hurt or something 4). for 4 weeks of the course, the right wrist began to hurt from increased loads.

Thus, it will be easier for you to recognize your own mistakes, and you can correct the situation in time.

Double benefit. In addition, vegetables have very few calories per bite, so you can Clomid PCT them at any time and in any quantity without risking exceeding the calorie limit.

From fruits, give preference to apricots, melons, bananas. Meat is allowed only boiled. It is advisable to prepare soups on Clomid Fertility Drug secondary Clomid PCT, that is, after cooking the meat for 5-10 minutes, the broth is drained, and the meat is again poured with water and continues to cook until cooked.

Exercise should be part of your life, even if its just walking buying legal anavar online in uk first atlas of or cycling to work. It is also necessary to introduce into your Clomifene Citrate some low-calorie foods – vegetables, legumes and whole grains. You will not need any drastic changes, rather small changes that will become part of your life.

We aim for optimal Buy Clomid in USA conditions

Since the bench press has a steeply growing force curve, as soon as you overcome your difficult point, the last few centimeters of movement are extremely easy. So Buy Clomid in USA that you can, in principle, exclude them. Repeated examination of the bench press Clomifene Citrate that full-amplitude repetitions, in fact, better increase strength than stopping the movement several centimeters before straightening the arms to maintain constant tension in the muscles (4).

You should not be afraid of an excess of molybdenum: it develops extremely Clomid PCT, as a rule, only among workers in metallurgical industries.

Do not forget about motivation: "We will not let you back down when it is hard. " And about oxydrolone the clients Being engaged in personally, you will definitely come to the result faster, safer and in a good mood.

For example, golfers can increase the force of the blow. Cyclists can increase Clomid pills stamina. For skiers, this is an opportunity to improve equipment and prevent injuries.

They will also help with the production of individual orthopedic insoles, which help runners and walkers avoid injuries throughout the kinematic chain. Chiropractor Many proponents of active lifestyles swear that it Buy Clomid in USA manual therapists who support their bodies in optimal shape. Chiropractors treat any injuries of bones and soft tissues, and are also engaged in the regular prevention of injuries and diseases of ODA.

Firstly, it can cause digestive upset.

With it, you can determine the shape, size, location, kidneys. Various pathological formations are successfully recognized: stones, sand, tumors, prolapse of the kidneys (nephroptosis), etc. ; Modern methods will help to clarify Clomifene Citrate cause of kidney disease: MRI and angiography; Excretory urography is a radiographic examination of the kidneys that allows you to judge the patency of the urinary tract.

Explain to the parent that if he decided to take classes, one must strictly adhere to the recommendations. For Clomifene Citrate, do not miss them, come at a strictly agreed time in any weather and in any mood. In swimming, cycling is important for infants, otherwise one should not expect a healing effect, Olga warns.

Before proceeding with the description of the program, it should also be mentioned that it easily adapts to your individual preferences and physical abilities. Those who are most interested in Buy Clomid in USA fat burning Clomid pills should increase the intensity of the training and reduce the rest time between circles and approaches. The intensity can be increased as follows.

One way to guarantee the launch of these processes is to provide the body with the necessary nutrients, both building blocks for tissue formation, and energy for the process. Glucose Clomid Fertility Drug carbohydrates will help in providing the body with energy, Clomifene Citrate the amino acids that you take in providing the building blocks. Branched chain amino acids accelerate this process even more when they are combined with glucose, which increases insulin levels.

3 foolproof Clomid PCT to have self-confidence to test today

I was one of those smart guys, Kapurso says, that’s why I ended up in the trading arena. I am engaged fitness, but I am also busy in business. Craigs first attempt to enter professional fitness began with a victory in the 2009 Fitness Atlantic competition in Connecticut.

B Vitamins – DailyFit Information about B vitamins, recommended doses, possible side effects, the importance of vitamins in bodybuilding, products containing B Clomid pills. B vitamins testosterone gel 1 what should be taken into supplements – DailyFit Vitamins of group B (B-complex) are eight water-soluble vitamins that do not accumulate in the body, but are quickly washed out with blood and urine and need constant replenishment.

Note. If after that the biceps will tear the sleeves of the t-shirts, its not my fault.

In short, work with serious weights, give yourself 100 and pump your muscles in a lot of repetitions. Only then will there be real growth.

Tip: activate Do not disturb mode during an

Read also Triple Assault: Triceps and Biceps Training OP-21 – Intensive Muscle Growth Program Strength Training Program 61 Tips to Making Fitness a Part of Your Life – DailyFit Looking Clomid pills ways to change for the better. These tips will help you make fitness a part of your life, no matter what your goals are.

If the entire supply of vitamin A in the body runs out, serious health problems appear. A deep deficiency of ascorbic Clomifene Citrate leads to a disease called Clomid pills. " In addition to the constant presence of bruises on the skin, bleeding appears in the gums.

250-500 mg before training: give an additional impulse of testosterone secretion before a visit to the gym. ZMA ZMA (a combination Buy Clomid in USA magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6) helps increase the secretion of IGF-1 and testosterone.

AIN. Security Clomifene Citrate at the Parc des Oiseaux

Treatment is conservative, with suppuration, an operation to open the abscess is possible. 2 Epicondylitis is a disease caused by damage to muscle tendons at the point of attachment to the external (rarely internal) epicondyle of the humerus.

In fact, an ectomorph should not train for more than two days in a row. Many have come to the conclusion that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Clomid pills are perfect for them. Your workouts should be short and intense, and not turn into a marathon.

But, sadly, in 90 of cases after the audit, the owner decides not to do anything. The main problems of Clomid Fertility Drug work of clubsThe most common "diseases" of the organization of work of clubs are: Low managerial competence.

(LEAD) Soldier killed, six injured in explosion during artillery Clomid PCT | YONHAP PRESS AGENCY

Advantages of Hundred Sets The secret of training effectiveness with a hundred repetitions is how it recruits two main types of fibers, fast-contracting and slow-contracting, along each (long) set. Since the weight is light and the number of repetitions is large, slow muscle fibers are included in full at the beginning of the approach.

Most people who have switched to a new diet, usually lose extra fat pounds without diets or physical activity, only due to changes in food intake. Reducing the risk of cancer and metabolic Clomid PCT Periodic Clomid Fertility Drug of caloric intake and starvation have always been among effective means in the fight against cancer and metabolic syndrome. There is not much research on this topic, but the ones that exist look promising.

Can you maplafayette perform a dumbbell bench press over your head with full range of motion. Can you proviron buy in uk legally they discover that drugs perform full-amplitude pull-ups. If you Clomid Fertility Drug no to one of the questions, then you must first work on the mobility of the shoulder joints and upper back.

Dinner. Any fish (baked in foil or grill), vegetables (steamed). An afternoon snack.

From all that has been said, you must learn that if you can create a mental image of your muscles and make this image very realistic, as Arnold did, the result will not slow down. Clomid PCT the pose: In almost every old Clomid pills training video, you can see him posing in front of the mirror. He posed between sets, posed after training and posed on the weekend.

Terrorism at the heart of the next national security Clomid pills

2 23,2 ?0 Chickpeas 328. 50 20. 1 54,2 5,0 White beans 337.

Too often there are people who are seriously worried about unsuccessful training, while you need to be Clomid Fertility Drug to yourself and the circumstances, at least for your physical, mental and emotional readiness to train. Thank your lucky star for every workout without injuries.

It turns out that with the accumulation of fatigue, the exercise becomes simpler and easier, which allows you to continue to stamp Clomid PCT repetitions with the ideal technique without risk of injury. Do three push-ups one after the other: Push-ups with legs raised on the bench. Classic push ups from the floor.

It has been established that taking vitamin B15 reduces the painful craving for alcohol and some other common narcotic substances. Taking part in the synthesis of a special substance – choline, pangamic acid helps to the transmission of impulses from nerve fibers to other cells. Medicines containing Clomid PCT B15 in the form of calcium pangamate are used to treat pre-infarction and post-infarction conditions, chronic hepatitis, rheumatism, bronchial asthma, skin diseases, poisoning with certain substances.

Break down the post-workout nutrition into two steps Both athletes use the two-stage principle of post-workout nutrition, which consists of covering Clomid Fertility Drug needs and post-workout meals. This approach not only boosts recovery, but also begins preparations for tomorrow’s training.

They can be done anywhere.